Saturday, June 19, 2010

Support structure in place for zucchini plants

New 3' x 9' support grid was built and put in place today. This is using the same style 2" x 4" fencing as last year. This will provide each hydro bucket with 27 square feet of support.


Ray Schneider said...

Hey Tom ... I love the Zuccini support grid ... you gotta show how that works out. cool idea. Get good pictures.

Ray Schneider
The Weedless Garden

oldboychoi said...

i'm a year late to the party. how did the support structure work out? i'm curious to know and interesting in making one for my zucs. i hope you continue your blog.

Reni said...

Would love to know how you built these. Very interesting. Could you post it on Pinterest or make a Facebook page? Great idea you have, thanks for sharing